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1 Regional Marketing Director, 1 National Manager, and 4 Regional Managers Promoted in March 2021!

LYNCHBURG, VA - April 13, 2021 - Equis Financial is excited to announce the promotions of one Regional Marketing Director, one National Manager, and four Regional Managers. These managers stayed hungry and humble while fighting to achieve their new title!

Vincent Hall – Regional Marketing Director

Vincent, a newcomer to the insurance industry when he joined Equis Financial in 2016, became a Regional Manager in the Spring of 2018. He is a Silver Elite Producer and participates in our Builder’s Boost program, which helps pay a portion of his beautiful brownstone office in Northern Virginia. He has worked hard over the last few years as a personal producer, manager, and leader. With one Regional Manager on his team and having produced over $150k in paid premium for two months in a row, Vince has been promoted to Regional Marketing Director!

Michelle Williams – National Manager

Michelle, starting with Equis Financial less than two years ago, has climbed the ladder of success with a quiet strength, almost unnoticed. She became one of Equis’ Regional Managers in August of 2020 and through her persistent networking, she has built a substantial team of agents with more writers than 80% of Equis’ Regional Manager baseshop teams. After two consecutive months of at least fifteen writers and paid premium of over $75k, Michelle has now been promoted to National Manager!

Roy Montgomery – Regional Manager

Roy began his journey with Equis Financial in December of 2017 as a part-time agent. He quickly found success in this industry by becoming an Ignite Award Winner and a Gold Elite Producer! Once Roy discovered all the possibilities and opportunities that Equis provides, he began building a team and sharing the Equis opportunity with others. As a result of Roy's determination, he went from being a Senior Sales Manager to a Regional Manager, completely bypassing the District Manager level!

Stanton Jones – Regional Manager

Stanton found Equis after having a career in the construction business. His hard work protecting families earned him the title of Silver Elite Producer and helped him create a new purpose, which he has coined with the acronym M.A.T.C.H: Motivate Another To Continuous Happiness. Stanton feels that it is his job to motivate others so that they too can find happiness. It is no surprise that Stanton has achieved the title of Regional Manager!

Carrie Wysong – Regional Manager

Carrie started with Equis Financial in 2015 as it was just beginning, and quickly found success in helping families secure their futures. She became an Ignite Award Winner and decided to begin building a team of her own. Carrie has continuously shown true determination and focus to achieve her new promotion to Regional Manager!

Brett Grossman – Regional Manager

Brett joined Equis as a personal producer but understood he needed to duplicate himself in order to help and protect as many people as possible. He quickly made the decision to build his own team with the help of his wife, Jennifer. Brett began recruiting in his warm market, and now, seven months later, has earned himself a promotion to Regional Manager status!


In order to qualify as a Regional Marketing Director, the agent will have a minimum of $150,000 Issued Paid Business and one Regional Manager for two consecutive months.

In order to qualify as a National Manager, the agent will have a minimum of $75,000 Issued Paid Business and 15 qualified Unique Writers for two consecutive months.

In order to qualify as a Regional Manager, the agent will have a minimum of $50,000 Issued Paid Business and 10 qualified Unique Writers for two consecutive months.


About Equis Financial: Equis Financial is the premier insurance marketing organization for independent insurance agents and agency builders. Founded by former field agents, Equis was designed to be the company that agents and agency managers can build a career built to last that is both profitable and fulfilling. The Agent’s Company is much more than a tagline, it’s a commitment. Through partnerships with the industry’s best carriers, we bring our agents a portfolio of products that can provide protection to the families we serve.


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