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Congratulations to the 2023 Core Value Award Recipients!

Annually, our company celebrates our core values by presenting prestigious Core Value Awards to six outstanding individuals who embody the principles of Respect, Ownership, Relationships, Toughness, Humility, and Attitude.

These awards recognize agents and managers who consistently demonstrate these values in their work and interactions, inspiring their colleagues and contributing positively to our organizational culture.

We take pride in honoring those who not only meet our high standards but also exemplify the spirit of our company's values in all aspects of their professional endeavors.

Congratulations to our 2023 Core Value Award Recipients!


Respect | Muggs Helin

"We are so proud of Muggs for winning the Respect Core Value Award, and could not think of a more deserving recipient. She has become a top producer through her ability to always look out for the best interests of her clients, earning their trust and admiration for all of the help she provides. She is always willing to share and contribute to others in the organization, truly wanting everyone else to experience the success that she has.

Thank you to Equis for giving recognition to Muggs with this coveted award."

-Jeff Helin, Regional Manager & IUL Specialist


Ownership | Jonathan (JB) Burns

"When I think of the word 'ownership', I think of taking control and being responsible for whatever situation you may be in, whether it is a mistake that has been made, or you aren't where you want to be, or if your team isn't responding to what you are communicating. Taking ownership isn't blaming someone's YOU taking control and being responsible for it.

I couldn't think of anyone better to receive the 2023 Equis Core Value Award of Ownership than my brother and business partner, Jonathan Burns. He is the epitome of taking ownership in life and business!"

-Nick Burns, Senior Vice President & Diamond Elite Producer


Relationships | Lincoln Anderson

"Lincoln has leveraged his athletic skillset in the business world by building strong relationships. He values his team and truly cares for those closest to him. The diversity of Lincoln’s friend group and business team speaks to his inclusive approach to relationships and ability to connect with various backgrounds. By building strong and meaningful relationships, he creates a strong foundation so his team can overcome challenges and achieve together.

Overall, Lincoln’s focus on building relationships draws attention to success, not only for him but his team as a whole."

-Jonathan (JB) Burns, Senior Vice President


Toughness | Carlos Eduardo Costa

"We first met Carlos face-to-face at the Equis Conference in August of 2019, in Orlando. Even though he said much the same things as most others we’ve hired (personal commitment to succeed, young family with financial needs being in jeopardy, current income insufficient and irregular), Carlos was also the singular breadwinner over a family traditionally raising two small sons and a talented wife whom, at that time, spoke no English. His situation was additionally impacted by being a resident without a Green Card, which restricted him from contracting with GPM and our main product, at that time. But although being recently hired, Carlos had taken and passed the state exam that very day and came to the conference, to meet and launch his new career.

He immediately, consistently, and dogmatically pursued the Equis opportunity with a passion that continues today. His family, career, and income are thriving, and his sons are excelling. His wife is now a conversational pleasure, he now holds a permanent Green Card (after a long 8-year battle), they have a new home, and their goals and dreams are within their grasp. He’s a dear friend that makes everyone who knows him smile when he appears and above all, he operates within GOD’s unfolding plan, for him and his family. 


And if all of that doesn’t paint a descriptive picture of core values, I’ll add that because of the character he exudes, writing this statement about Carlos has been a singular pleasure. I’ll close by saying that there are many, in this industry and elsewhere, that use ‘core values’ as a sales tool…they put them on and take them off like a pair of slacks only to achieve their ends. Carlos walks softly, speaks earnestly, and exudes trust, as his personal, family, and professional achievements are a reflection of the man he is. Carlos cares, he has love, and he does unto others as he would have them do unto him. With Carlos, his core values are a way of life! Congratulations buddy and thank you, for your example and friendship! We love you."


-Heather and Jimmy Owens, Regional Managers & IUL Specialists


Attitude | Heather Deatz

"Attitudes are infectious. Positive attitudes, negative attitudes, it really doesn't matter.  A particular attitude can spread through an organization like wildfire, and that is why it is so important for us to surround ourselves with people who have a positive attitude, people who make you better because they give everything that they have.  That is why Heather Deatz was the perfect person to be recognized at Equis for the Core Value Award of Attitude. 

Heather is always the first person to volunteer to help out the other agents on the team, always with a positive attitude.  Heather is always smiling and positive, even when things aren't going her way.  I honestly don't know anyone else who exemplifies the Core Value of Attitude more than Heather Deatz.  She has infected our team with a spirit of positivity with her can-do attitude and makes everyone want to give their best.  Heather has been an amazing blessing to me, my agency, and to all of Equis.  We are all better off because of the fighting spirit and positive attitude that Heather Deatz brings to work each and every day."

-Lori Martin, Vice President & Silver Elite Producer


John Ray | Humility

"John is an exceptional individual whose unwavering commitment to embodying our company's core values is evident in every facet of his professional and personal life. His consistent display of humility demonstrated day in and day out, serves as an example of integrity and genuine character within our organization.

As we look ahead, I am eagerly anticipating John's exponential growth within our organization. His remarkable qualities and steadfast adherence to our core values will undoubtedly contribute to his continued success and impact within our team. "

-Connor Jones, Vice President & Diamond Elite Producer


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