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Become a PlanEnroll Network Agent to grow, connect, and serve — compliantly!

Build your business AND get quality leads from a platform with proven national reach — FOR FREE!

What is PlanEnroll?

PlanEnroll is a consumer-facing platform that helps people feel confident in their Medicare and Life insurance choices.

PlanEnroll also helps you engage and connect with current and future clients, helping you build stronger relationships.


Now, let's talk leads!

The PlanEnroll Exclusive Lead Program gives agents:

  • Freedom to work when and where they want.

  • Innovation and cutting-edge technology.

  • Integration with LeadCENTER, MedicareCENTER, and Call Recording.

  • Access to exclusive, compliant leads from a national brand.


It’s simple to become a PlanEnroll Network Agent!

First, you’ll complete a short series of PlanEnroll trainings by going to Then, you’ll:


  1. Log in to LifeCENTER to activate your Personal Agent Website.

    1. Start using your Personal Agent Website to connect with current and future clients.

  2. Log in to LeadCENTER and create a PlanEnroll Lead Campaign.

  3. Click the “I’m Available” switch to receive real-time calls or data leads.

Download the PlanEnroll Network Agent User Guide:

Download PDF • 79KB

Watch an excerpt from the 4/22 Equis Connects where Vice President of Lead Operations, Kristan Brockman, gave a PlanEnroll walk-through:


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