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Equis Adds 2 New Members To Its Executive Team!

LYNCHBURG, VA - February 25, 2021 - Equis Financial is excited to announce two new additions to their Executive Team! Congratulations to Kristan Brockman and Tabitha Evans on their new roles as Vice President of Marketing and Lead Operations and Vice President of Operations and Technology. Equis commends them both for their hard work and dedication to Equis Nation.

Kristan Brockman

Vice President of Marketing

and Lead Operations

Kristan joined Equis Financial as we were just getting started in June of 2016. Alongside the mentorship of our President and CEO, Barry Clarkson, Kristan built Equis’ Lead Department into what it is today — a system our agent force is proud of. It took no time to learn that Kristan was going to be a unique member of the Equis Team and would play a vital role amongst our agents, managers, partners, and her peers and colleagues alike. Throughout her time with Equis, Kristan has held a variety of responsibilities involving developing and managing the Lead Department, overseeing operations in our Lynchburg, VA office, and as of September of 2020, managing the operations for our Marketing and Events Departments as well.

Over the past 4.5 years, Kristan has proven her dedication to Equis. She is a true Equis Warrior! As a result of her continued leadership, success, and drive to do all she can for Equis Nation, it is an honor to announce Kristan as one of the newest members of the Executive Team, as Vice President of Marketing and Lead Operations. Congratulations, Kristan! We know that you will continue to wear your “captain's hat” and serve Equis to the best of your ability!

Tabitha Evans

Vice President of Operations

and Technology

Having joined Equis 2 years ago, Tabitha has become an integral part of Equis Financial’s operational infrastructure. She began her journey as our Director of Technology with the immediate and daunting task of a massive software build for our sales force as well as our administrative backend. She quickly earned the trust of both parties as her only mission was to build a product that inherently served both equally and phenomenally. As a result of this success, she became Director of Operations and Technology in February 2020.

Tabitha has continued to impress her peers with her ability to streamline all internal processes and procedures through new technology, all while providing our agents with new digital tools to grow their businesses. We are so proud to welcome and commend her in her new executive role as VP of Operations and Technology. Congratulations, Tabitha! Well deserved!!


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