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Integrity Marketing Group Continues Industry-Leading Growth with the Addition of Equis Financial

Partnership with North Carolina-based IMO Increases

Integrity’s Presence in Life Insurance and Final Expense Market

Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”), the nation’s largest independent distributor of life and health insurance products, today announced it has acquired Equis Financial, Inc. (“Equis”), headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. As part of the transaction, Equis partners Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones and Bill Martin, as well as all Equis employees, will become owners in Integrity.

“As a platform, Integrity continues to focus on organic sales growth, growing by almost 30 percent organically last month alone, while we continue to add world-class partners during these challenging times,” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Integrity. Entrepreneurs realize that joining our partnership supplies the resources they need to drive growth, brings an open collaboration amongst industry icons and provides a way to diversify their business despite current challenges in society. Adding Barry, Rob, Bill and all of the exceptional leaders at Equis Financial will accelerate our combined growth as we provide even more Americans with the important life and health insurance coverage they need.”

Equis and Integrity share many core values, which have prepared both companies for success. In 2020, Equis expects to produce over $100 million of annualized premium through final expense, mortgage protection, living benefits and financial planning products.

“Joining Integrity was the easiest decision I’ve made in 40 years in this industry,” said Barry Clarkson, President and CEO of Equis. “We took Equis as far as we were capable of taking it. We are now part of a revolution taking place under the Integrity banner, giving us access to resources, products and marketing capabilities that we never could have obtained on our own. We are joining the icons of the industry.”

Clarkson continued, “Now being able to collaborate with the elite leaders of our industry, the top tier performers and executors who have also become Integrity partners, is priceless. I would hate to be on the outside looking in on this opportunity. By joining Integrity, we can do anything. The power of working together is endless.”

What does this mean for The Agent's Company?

“When we met the Integrity team, we knew we had found a company whose core values and drive align perfectly with ours,” said Rob Jones, Executive Vice President of Agency Development of Equis. “Through this partnership, we are still Equis, but with more opportunity. We get to operate the same way we always have and be even more committed to our agents in the field.”

Integrity’s partnership program will open doors to Equis’ team on a diverse range of products using industry-leading sales tools and technology. Equis will also gain increased resourcing in compliance, human resources, social media and marketing. In addition, all Equis employees are eligible for meaningful company ownership through Integrity’s Employee Ownership Plan.

“The Integrity platform moves our business plan forward by at least ten years from where we could take it on our own,” said Bill Martin, Executive Vice President of Sales Development at Equis. “We realized immediately that we would be foolish for not taking advantage of the chance to partner with Integrity. I have seen the growth other companies experience when they join Integrity and we will see the same thing happen with Equis. Get ready for an explosion with Equis Financial!”

“As a member of the Integrity family, Equis joins an organization that is committed to industry transformation with the right partners by our side,” said Steve Young, Chairman of Integrity. “They will experience the ‘Integrity effect,’ which allows entrepreneurs to see their possibilities in our industry truly expand. We are honored to add Equis to our team and excited to grow our presence in the final expense and living benefits market.”


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