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Vision Casting: Are You Connected?

In my last blog, I encouraged each of you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as you developed your vision and plan for your first Mad Sprint and beyond. Are you wrestling with, "Okay, but why?"



To execute successfully, it is essential to have a STRONG emotional stake in the outcome. Without a compelling reason to choose otherwise, most people will take comfortable actions over uncomfortable ones. (We'll discuss our hardwired brains in a minute.)

The goal is to BECOME comfortable with the new, uncomfortable actions.

But the critical first step to executing well is creating and maintaining a compelling vision of your future that you want EVEN MORE than you desire your own short-term comfort.

Have you cast your vision? Does your personal vision clearly capture and articulate what you want in life? Does it include all areas: spiritual, relationships, family, income, lifestyle, health, and community?

The vision is SO important because it creates the emotional link to your business objectives so that there is perfect alignment between what you pursue in your business and the life you desire to live. Your personal vision will give you the line of sight and perspective to overcome challenges and truly execute, providing the inner strength to forge ahead, enabling you to achieve your dreams and desires!


I also asked you if you need to "go to war with yourself." The unequivocal answer: "YES!!!" Our brains are amazing organs. But, our amygdalae are hardwired to avoid risk, uncertainty, and danger in an effort to keep us alive. We are literally hardwired to RESIST CHANGE and stay comfortable!

However, there is good news! Our prefrontal cortexes (PFCs) act as a counterbalance to our amygdalae, lighting up electrically when we imagine greatness for our future selves. Research also shows that the areas we use frequently change and grow over time creating new neural pathways, a process known as neuroplasticity. This happens when you intentionally engage the PFC. You can literally TRAIN your brain to ACT on your vision just by THINKING about it! **

I am so committed to championing alongside you as you embark on this journey! I am here if you get stumped. There are some fantastic practical applications pertaining to your vision that will help you stay engaged every step of the way.

**Concepts and quotes taken directly from The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington.

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