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Who Are Our Retirement Solutions Specialists?

One of the incredible advantages that comes along with being part of The Agent's Company is access to specialists who can guide your clients through the intricacies of advanced products by crafting tailored strategies to get them to and through the stages of retirement. By using the specialist program, even the newest of agents can empower their clientele by safeguarding their businesses and assets, alleviating debt burdens, offering Living Benefits, and furnishing tax-free income solutions without having to be the subject matter experts themselves!

Becoming a specialist requires participation in the comprehensive Retirement Solutions University, successful completion of a thorough final examination, fulfillment of 20 sales (for IUL or Annuity specialization), and execution of a presentation roleplay.

We would like to recognize the agents who have put in the time and effort to learn and implement the knowledge and strategies required to be a specialist while helping their fellow agents protect families across the US!


Kyle Keator

Rob Berger

Brandon Clarke

Danny Favreau

Paul Sharp

Fred & Deb Johnson

RJ Maki

Russ Tessman

Allen Larkins

Daniel McRae

Joe Skelley


Allen Larkins

Carrie Holida

Jackie Rhodes

Jimmy Glascott

Joe Skelley

Matthew Butler

RJ Maki

Brad Schmidt


Fred & Deb Johnson

Jeff Geske

RJ Maki

Allen Larkins

Mary Conway

Heather Owens

Brandon Clarke

Heather Deatz

Jim Glascott

Rick Reed, Jr

Lori Booth

Rob Berger

Danny Favreau

Wendy Baxter

Mark Levy

Chris Tinsman

Kevin Ards

Matthew Wilson

Stan Smith

Muggs Helin

Holly Kempton

David Sell

Mark Jaunet

Derek Uwazie

Joe Skelley

Claudia Mathieu

Brenda Berger

Natalie Elliott

Brad Schmidt

Tory Valin

Kevin Hopkins

Duncan Douglas

Jeff Helin

Bruce Hendricks

Paul Vassallo

Patrick Hutchinson

Khadein Newman

Kyle Keator

David Clay

Stephanie Maus

Rod Williams

Glenn Thompson

Denise David

Grady Sampson

If you have a referral, but are unsure of where to send it, you can either reach out to your Regional Manager, submit the referral via the RSS referral form on your Equis homepage, or you also have the option of emailing us at

If you are interested in learning more about Retirement Solutions, the products we offer, or the multitude of ways we can help the clients you protect, check out the numerous training videos we have available in the Training Center and tune into the weekly Retirement Solutions Roundtable on Wednesdays at 11 AM ET.

For a deeper dive, come join us at a Retirement Solutions University near you!


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