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Retirement Solutions Specialist: Matthew Wilson

Meet IUL Specialist Matthew Wilson!

Matthew got his start in the Retirement Solutions division by referring cases and attending multiple Retirement Solutions University (RSU) events. Attending several RSUs helped him to learn new insights and information before gaining the knowledge and confidence to become a specialist in Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IULs). Having a specialist on your team and/or referring to a specialist, "gives agents a whole new world of opportunity!" according to Matthew.

Matthew credits the in-person experience of attending a RSU as both valuable and crucial to his success, encouraging others to do the same. When asked why agents should attend, he replied, "Knowledge and relationships. You can get knowledge from a zoom call, to some extent, but nothing replaces face-to-face interaction AND shaking hands and hanging out with some of the top minds in the industry."

As an IUL Specialist, Matthew loves seeing new agents get paid for the policies they may not have otherwise been able to explain or close. For those just starting out, Matthew's best advice is, "Don't be in too much of a hurry to get the badge ... at first. Just refer a bunch of cases and get some momentum, experience and income. Leverage the expertise of others."

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a specialist is that it allows Matthew to expand his book of business, which aids in establishing trust with his clients. We connected with Matthew to find out his go-to questions when speaking with potential clients.

"I always have to understand their WHY.

  • Why do they need insurance?

  • How important is cash value?

  • How soon do they need it?

  • What purpose does it serve and what, ultimately are they trying to accomplish by getting this coverage?

  • Also, how much money do they have to work with and whether it's a lump sum or a monthly premium."

Matthew lives by the motto, "Nothing great happens inside the walls of your comfort zone," and has challenged himself to grow into the successful Regional Manager and IUL Specialist he is today!

"What I love about Matthew is that, as a team builder, he has embraced the importance of utilizing Retirement Solutions as a revenue source for his business. Rather than passively accept whatever sales his team makes using the Retirement Solutions products, Matthew is driving Retirement Solutions sales within his team and understands the importance of including these products in his client offerings for the long-term health of his agency. Matthew leads by example by finding opportunities to help his own customers become long-term clients by cross-selling Retirement Solutions products and has attended multiple Retirement Solutions University trainings to sharpen his skills and keep his knowledge strong. We appreciate Matthew very much and admire his drive to continue to learn and grow so that his business can experience long-term success and profitability." - Bill Martin 2.0, when asked about Matthew Wilson.

If you are interested in getting your start in the Retirement Solutions field like Matthew, check out the numerous training videos we have available in the Training Center, tune into the weekly Retirement Solutions Roundtable on Wednesdays at 11 AM ET, and consider attending an in-person Retirement Solutions University event near you!


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