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If I told you it's completely possible to achieve in 12 weeks what most do in a year, would you dive in? Last year we spent some time training out of a life-changing book called The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington. Adopting their principles, we coined these 90-day segments as Mad Sprints. While most people are dealing with New Year's resolutions right now, I encourage you to consider hopping on the 90-day train and see what you can accomplish. I'll be doing it right along with you, and am always happy to encourage or step in as an accountability partner. YOU are capable of amazing things!

Take the time to reflect on the goals you’re looking to achieve, and more importantly, the “why” that is driving you to your next success. Here are some thoughts to meditate on as you start your sprint.

  • Whether you are building a team or driving yourself to a new level of success, at your core must be a willingness to CHANGE.

  • CHANGE is the only path to achieving GREATER things.

  • Doing things DIFFERENTLY and doing DIFFERENT things = RESULTS.

  • To CREATE something you don’t have, you need to do something you aren’t currently doing!

  • GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE! If it was easy, you’d have already achieved your next success.


As you are mapping your next 90 days, remember 3 things:

1. The compound effect of small, but consistent, incremental changes is the needle mover. Strive to be even 1% better than yesterday.

2. You cannot pour into any relationship or endeavor unless you are first taking care of yourself.

3. If your greatest enemy is yourself, don’t be afraid to go to war. The mind is a powerful thing that will do what you tell it to do. What are you believing that is in your way?

**Concepts and quotes taken directly from The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran & Michael Lennington.


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